Why do you need a cat sitter?

Hello wanted to share a bit of information about why if you are traveling you should hire a cat sitter and not leave you kitties home with bowls of food and water! Big no no.Scaredy Cat Happy boy now!

With Canoodle pet sitters we require a visit every 24 hours this is why….

Cats are curious by nature you cats will roam why you are away looking for you and possibly getting into things they shouldn’t!

Plants, knocking over objects that could possibly break and they could cut themselves, prescription bottles with dangerous medications they could eat,

sometimes they do not eat or drink due to stress which can cause issues with kidney or uti’s they can get stuck in rooms or objects for days.

Hiring a loving pet sitter to check on you kitties give them fresh food and water treats and scoop the box is the best care for your kitty family!~

Let us show you the Best of Loving Kitty Care with Canoodle Professional Pet Sitting


  1. Melissa McGinty says:

    Get you kitty a cat sitter when you travel! Don’t leave them home to fend for themselves they deserve a loving check in fresh food and water and a little cuddly time!

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