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Barbara Garcia 06/18/2015
Melissa is a godsend to me. I searched high and low for a dog walker that could take on my high energy huskies. She has done an awesome job. They are better behaved and very happy dogs. Melissa gives my dogs lots of love and affection and is attuned to their little quirks. She is very knowledgeable and works with them to walk on lead and not pull. She is assertive and in control of them which was a problem with other walkers. I also have Melissa pet sit my dogs and never worry when I am away. I trust her in my house and with my dogs and always have returned to happy dogs and my house the way I left it. She leaves a note on every visit and alerts me to any concern she might have. Melissa is very reliable and flexible with my schedule. She frankly is the best dog walker out there!!!

Shar J. 07/20/2015

It is so unbelievably hard to find genuine, good hearted people that not only enjoy their work, but go above and beyond to do what is needed. Melissa is one of those people. I worked for her when she lived in Colorado, and I have never met a more hard working person in my life. Being new to the world of dog walking, I was blown away by the amount of extra work, love and attention she gave to these animals. More than a couple of times, I’ve heard about/watched her work miracles with animals that need training, extensive exercise, and most importantly in my opinion, bring abused or neglected animals out of their shells and learn to love people again. Dogs or cats, she knows exactly what to do with animals, I’ve learned SO much from her in the short time that I worked for her, and still continue to use those tools for my job today. Being an animal lover myself, I would have a VERY hard time finding/trusting someone with my dog alone at my house. Let alone a stranger, but I would let her watch my baby any day. I hear horror stories of people working in different dog walking/pet sitting companies, and it makes me appreciate the kind of work ethic and expectations she has for not only herself but her employees. The hard reality of dog walking/pet sitting is that you really don’t know what these people are like with your dogs when you’re not around. Sadly, the animal can’t tell you what they did that day. And it is more than possible for people to do less than expected, if anything at all. That is why it is so important that you find someone who truly loves the animals and loves the feeling of bettering their lives. This is more than a Monday through Friday job, the amount of extra time and effort she puts in is crazy. On top of that, she is unbelievably reliable. If she makes a commitment, you can bet that she will see that through. There is no one else I would trust more with my animals, and I know you will be more than pleased with the work that she does.

Michelle E. 07/18/2015

It is so hard to trust someone to come into your home and take care of your loved ones. I worked with Melissa for years as she took care of my Boxer. I would trust her completely in every way. She is singlehandedly the most professional and responsible person I have ever had work in or near my home. She never missed an appointment, she never did less than expected when visiting or walking my dog, she always closely monitored and trained her staff and they were all fantastic. I have had many dog walkers, some are disappointing. There is none better than Melissa. You are lucky to have her. Michelle.


Lilo Long 06/20/2015

It took just one meeting, but I knew I could (and do!) trust Melissa with my two crazy dogs. She is completely dependable, thorough, and trustworthy. She shows a natural enthusiasm for dogs and was warm and loving with mine. I hired Melissa for regular weekly dog walks and for twice-daily visits when we went out of town. One time, my younger dog escaped our yard while we were in Prague, and Melissa didn’t rest till she got my baby back in the house – she worked with my neighbors and emailed us and I know she worried and worked till all was fixed. Thank you, Melissa!

Melissa is fantastic!!! She watched my dog several times when I was out of town, and took care of him just as I would! When I came home, I saw how happy he was!!! As dog owners, we want the best care for our pets, and the feeling of relief I had when I found Melissa was like a gift.

Melissa also helped me tremendously after I had surgery and couldn’t walk. My American Eskimo dog, named Seymour Puff, LOVED Melissa!! He isn’t the type to warm up to people, and Melissa’s relationship with Puff was an obvious testament to the feelings of sincerity and warmth that she exudes. Dogs seem to have a sixth sense about people, and that really spoke to me. Puff became SO excited each time Melissa came over.

Melissa’s trustworthiness also really helped me as I was recovering, since she’d just come over and walk Puff, and I knew he was getting the exercise he needed. She took great care of Puff,and made sure all was perfect in his life!

Melissa is great! She loves what she does, and I miss her so much! I live in Littleton, CO, and am still in touch with Melissa!!

Jenna Chase 05/18/2014

“This is an excellent service. Melissa has taken care of my kitty several times while I have been out of town. Along with the basics of food, water, and litter box cleaning, she plays with him, brushes him and gives him affection in my absence. I receive text messages letting me know how he’s doing and she sends along pictures or a video of him so I can see that he’s doing well. I feel at ease leaving him in her care.”

Cindy 05/22/14

I was nervous about leaving my dogs for the first time and was unsure about the boarding process. I came across Melissa s business and figured I would meet with her and when she arrived at my house the first time the dogs were very excited to see her and I knew hiring her would be the right decision. Melissa was affordable, reliable, and very professional. She left a daily log of the dogs activities so that when we returned from our trip we were able to see how each day went. I was happy that the dogs were able to stay in their own environment, as to not change their routine too much. We will be using Melissa for any future trips we take or even just long days away from the house.


Laurie Jaeger  04/25/2014

“We have a vacation property in Mexico and it’s been difficult to leave our 14-year-old kitty for extended vacations, until we found Melissa! We felt our older kitty needed daily visits and special care. Melissa does this and more. She provides loving attention, administers medicine, plays with our kitty, brushes our kitty, cleans the litter box, water’s the plants, and checks in with us to let us know that our kitty is safe and sound. I have no doubt Melissa could handle an emergency situation if needed. We aren’t getting any younger and need to enjoy our travels while we can. We feel much better about leaving when we know our kitty is well looked after. Melissa is the best!”

Jessica Rinehart Gregg   06/15/2014

“We have been using Melissa and her team for three years now. She takes care of my Rodesian Ridgeback, St. Bernard, and cat. She is extremely organized and takes exceptional care of our pets especially when they are having medical issues. I also appreciate that she makes sure to confirm we have arrived home so our pets arent neglected if something were to happen. She is also a texter and emailer which makes communication easier for my husband and i who work a lot of hours. Early on in our tenure with Melissa, i had a friend offer to come over and feed my cat. I called to check in and see how the cat was doing and the friend flaked on handling it so i called Melissa frantic. She dropped everything and went right over. I know i can take a vacation now and not feel bad for my pets or worry about their well being while i am away. That benefit alone is worth every penny!”

 Nicole H  03/02/2014

I have been using Melissa for around five years now to care for my precious 2.5 pound Chihuahua dog when we go on vacation. As you could imagine I am very nervous to leave my tiny baby, but Melissa takes such amazing care of her and Roxy adores her!! We now have a new Min Pin puppy that is very nervous around people he doesn’t know and normally barks nonstop at them. When Melissa came over to meet him before taking care of him he was barely even nervous around her and already loves her! I wouldn’t trust anyone else with the care of my two precious dogs and I am so grateful I found such an incredible person to care for them!


Kaitlin McCormick 04/12/2014

“Melissa has watched my cat since I moved to the area. She checks in a day or two before my trips to verify the details. She sends text updates with pictures and videos while I’m away which helps with my peace of mind. She also asks that you check in with her when you get home just in case something happens and you didn’t make it home, she will continue to check in on your pet. My cat can be really clingy when I travel but she is always calm when I come home when Melissa watches her. I would recommend Melissa to any pet owner. ”

Sharon Tolman

“I have two cats I rescued from a shelter. Both of them were very afraid of anyone that came into their realm. The female after a period of time would come to see who had rang the door bell, but not the male. His safe place was under the bed. Other than myself Melissa is the only person to get him to come out. She not only gets him out to eat, play and be loved, but takes pictures to send me so I know all was well. Love the report cards to read when I come home! When I leave I have no stress over the care of my “babies.” Melissa is a loving caring person and puts my mind at ease regarding my cats and their welfare. I cannot say enough about her service and character. I highly recommend her to care for your beloved pets.”

 Rachel Hoffman 03/20/2014

Melissa started watching my English Bulldog Audry the day after I got her and almost until the day she died. She was amazing, affordable, and I can trust her with my life! She was a blessing and made it possible for me to work and have my Bulldog who loved her little condo life with me. I highly recommend her to anyone. She is THE BEST.

 Molly Fehr  07/20/2014

I recently started using Melissa to help out with my 8 week old black lab puppy, Jaeger, and I seriously could not be happier with her service. I was very nervous leaving him at home most of the day in the crate… knowing that Melissa will be over in a few short hours to take him out, feed him, give him belly rubs and play with his toys makes me feel a lot less worried about him and guilty. I LOVE coming home to Jaeger’s ‘report card’ for the day- it is so, so cute and gives me an idea of his progress with her. She documents how many times he went potty, his energy level, the special care he receives (belly rubs, treats, snuggles) and how he behaved when she left. She leaves such great detailed notes and is always sure to stay on track with the training methods that I am implementing. I have noticed that he has gotten better with the commands since she has been sitting him. All in all, I would recommend Melissa to anyone who loves their dog and wants them to have the absolute BEST service possible in your absence. Thank you so much, Melissa”


Bonny Griffith 06/05/2014

“Our golden retriever loves Melissa! She was only a few months old when Melissa started walking her daily while we were at work. We wouldn’t trust our “baby” (who is now 18 months old) with just anybody, but we totally trust Melissa. She helped us train our puppy and alerted us when there were any issues with her. Melissa also took care of our aging dog until he passed away last April. We highly recommend Melissa!”