Puppy Care

Puppy Care- Canoodle Pet Sitters provides training for your new little one. A chance to learn good behaviors and confidence. Our daily visits help owners.


The first few months of your new puppy’s life are critical in its development of the dog he/she will become. Puppies need lots of attention and play time. Dogs that grow up without these social skills usually become afraid, they are difficult to train and can become a liability around other people, children, and other dogs.Taking a little extra time in training, regular let outs, proper feeding routines.In no time… your puppy is healthy and a well-trained pet.



What we do:

  • We will come to your home 1x or 2 x’s a day
  • Provide attention and playtime
  • Clean up any messes
  • Feed and water your puppy
  • Reinforce basic training
  • Make sure you are kept up to date with your new puppies… Thriving Strides

Please Note:

Puppies will not be taken on walks except in the immediate safe zone or your property. And cannot be taken out with other dogs…Sorry

This is for the little ones protection. Until puppies are fully vaccinated against Parvo virus it is not worth taking a chance.

They come into contact with this deadly disease from other dogs feces and it can prove to be deadly.

A play time and or walk and basic skills time will give your puppy the stimulation he or she needs.

Rates for Puppy Care and Mid day puppy let outs