Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures. We want our clients to be informed with general information pertaining to our pet care services including operating procedures.

We want you and your pets to be Happy so  we make sure to allow sufficient time with each one of our pet clients by not overbooking and keeping to a smaller demographic not to over extend our driving times.

Here are the answers to some of our most popular questions.

All new clients must have a meet and greet prior to services and have completed paper work. Remember those are scheduled appointments please make arrangements ahead of time.

2 keys available at time of the consultation( WE MUST HAVE A KEY) You can not leave under a mat or hidden. If we have to make a additional visit to pick up your key there is a $15.00 surcharge

“Canoodle” Professional Pet Sitting provides services in all of McKinney 75070 and most of Northwest area of Allen Texas 75013. areas.

Because we are on a strict time line and provide puppy care and senior care our handlers have areas they work and are responsible to cover.
• We work very hard to ensure that clients have the same walker daily and develop a loving relationship with the dogs and the owners.
• At times due to sickness or scheduled time off you may have another handler although this is seldom?
• We are in our time zone as agreed at the consultation unless an emergency or crisis arises and we are running a little late
• Dogs will be walked rain, snow, or hot days unless it is harmful or unhealthy for your dog to be walked during these times we will provide a short walk and play time in a shade area or in home to stimulate your dog and fulfill our obligations.
Clients using our daily neighborhood walking services/Puppy Training/Mid-day Potty breaks agree to the following conditions before services are rendered
• Clients must decide on a consistent schedule that works for them two, three or five days per week etc.. Mondays, Wednesday or Fridays etc…
We are happy to provide less walks per week as along as it is the same days no switching days.
Example: If you sign up three times a week it must be the same days every
• If you cannot stick to a consistent schedule rates are considered on a as needed basis at the rate of $23.00 per 30 min visit we have some clients that use this option nurses etc…
Payments due before services you may pay weekly, bi weekly or once a month
Pet Sitting clients: We do require payments in advance of all services.
We do not charge Holiday service fees however we are strict on cancellations.
You are not guaranteed services until you have paid for the entire service amount please only schedule the visits you need we are happy to make additional visits if needed however we do not credit or refund early returns home.
If you need to cancel for any reason during Holidays or August and you have pre-paid you must cancel within 5 business days not including weekends to get a refund.
If you not cancel via email or text within 5 business days then you will be reimbursed 50% if you do not cancel within 48 hours in writing via email or text you forfeit then full amount paid for holding onto your spot during the busy times of the year.
Non Holidays cancellations regular pet sitting
Simply cancel in writing 48 hours prior to services via email or text and we will happily refund 100%.
If you have to cancel you must do so before 8:00 the day of service by calling Michelle 214-592-8084
Again due to the limited time and availability we are very strict on cancellations

Thank you,
Michelle Seyl Owner of “Canoodle Professional Pet Sitting
Updated 03//21/2016