Pet Sitting for dogs and cats

Pet Sitting for dogs and cats a luxury service that provides the best of pet care when you can’t be there. It is simply sensible, safe,loving and affordable your pets will be happy with our service!

We all want the best for our pets when cant be there to care for them with Canoodle Professional Pet Sitters you are providing the best for your dogs and cats!

We make your pets the center of our attention!

Canoodle Professional Pet Sitting

This is the best of pet care because your pets are kept in their normal surroundings, able to sleep in their normal beds, given their normal food from normal food and water bowls. This is normal!

A loving professional pet sitter will make regularly scheduled visits to your home and provide pet care.

There’s no commuting! Your pets are at home when you arrive happy and wagging tails, purring and telling you thank you!

Let us show you how your pets benefit from this type of care. Your pets will thank you and like most of us we can tell when our dogs and cats are happy or under stress. No stress here! Just lots of love and attention,stimulating play and walks not to mention TREATS!

Give us a call with any questions you have we are happy to explain in more detail! 214-856-3699

The best pets deserve the best care and that’s what we do at Canoodle Professional Pet Sitting! We love pets!!!

Services included:

Home and house sitting such as checking your mail,picking up newspapers, alternating your lights to make your home appeared occupied, we take out your trash, and we will even water a few plants inside.

Every pet sitting visit includes:

Walking your dogs or play time outside

Scooping the litter boxes and tidying up the area

Fresh food and water


Play time and scratch time

Administering medications

Clean up

Lots of loves and attention

Please our:


Policies and Procedures