New Puppy Now What?

Over the Christmas Holidays many people bring a new puppy into the family.

Vacations end, School starts back up and work follows. New Puppy McKinney

Now your new puppy is home, by himself and the guilt begins.

“You’re new precious puppy all alone, in a crate, for extended periods of time!

Hiring a professional pet sitter to come check on your new puppy, feed your new puppy and take care of your new puppy is the best alternative.

Canoodle Professional Pet Sitters come once or twice daily while you are away providing love and attention, potty breaks and basic dog training. Call us today and let us show you how to help your new puppy get off to the best start in his little life, keeping him safe and sound while you are away.

Call us 214-856-3699 See our Rates for your puppy care professionals.


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