Mid Day Potty Breaks/Let Outs

Mid Day Potty Breaks/Let Outs is perfect for families that work long hours and feel guilty leaving their dogs a lone for extended periods of time. See How…

Doesn’t your pup deserve a a break in the day! For most of us 10 hours is a long time with out a let out, exercise and fresh air!

033We know that families love their pets and wish they could be able to come home during the day and give their pets attention and let them out. Some families kennel their dogs during the day while they are away, some have senior pets and puppies what ever your need this is a perfect alternative with a reliable,loving professional dog walker to come and give you a hand with your dogs.

Mid day Potty breaks and let outs allows your pet a short walk or time out in the yard. This is not a long walk just time to get out stretch legs run around take care of business and get a drink, treat and some kisses. Texas summers are so hot a short let out and attention is a great alternative to keeping your dogs inside all day until you arrive home.

Your dogs will be happy! Call us today and set up your free meet and greet!

Please note:

Mid day let outs are designed for clients on a regular weekly schedule. Monday – Friday 10:00-2:00 We are happy to add you into our schedule on a as needed basis ,we do let outs on weekends and morning and evenings however if you are not on a regular schedule, pet sitting rates apply.