Moving to McKinney Texas From Littleton, Colorado

After owning and operating a Professional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking business for 9 years in Littleton the move to Texas was exciting and scary and thrilling and overwhelming! Now we are situated and ready to get busy taking care of dogs and cats in McKinney and Allen Texas.

Leaving my pet sitting clients and pets behind was terrifying! Happy, my helper Sue was able to take over and she is carrying on the high standards we implemented from day one. All About Dogs Walking is growing and she loves it. So happy for her!

Oh my  Texas is not the same as it was when I was growing up. It is BIGGER and more populated then I could ever imagine. Coming from small communities even the small country towns are busy busy!

Lots of Doggies and lots of places to walk dogs in McKinney and Allen Lovin it!


  1. Anne OSullivan says:

    Melissa is fantastic!!! She watched my dog several times when I was out of town, and took care of him just as I would! When I came home, I saw how happy he was!!! As dog owners, we want the best care for our pets, and the feeling of relief I had when I found Melissa was like a gift.

    Melissa also helped me tremendously after I had surgery and couldn’t walk. My American Eskimo dog, named Seymour Puff, LOVED Melissa!! He isn’t the type to warm up to people, and Melissa’s relationship with Puff was an obvious testament to the feelings of sincerity and warmth that she exudes. Dogs seem to have a sixth sense about people, and that really spoke to me. Puff became SO excited each time Melissa came over.

    Melissa’s trustworthiness also really helped me as I was recovering, since she’d just come over and walk Puff, and I knew he was getting the exercise he needed. She took great care of Puff,and made sure all was perfect in his life!

    Melissa is great! She loves what she does, and I miss her so much! I live in Littleton, CO, and am still in touch with Melissa!!
    Anne OSullivan

    • Melissa McGinty says:

      Thank you Ann! Miss Puffy and You! Hope to have many great pet sitting clients like you here in McKinney and Allen Texas!. Thank’s for sharing!

  2. michael says:

    So glad to see Melissa get back to business! She has a true passion for animals of all kinds. She may have just moved back from Colorado, but Texas was never out her heart. I know she will make pet owners, and more importantly the pets very happy. Welcome back Melissa!

  3. Melissa McGinty says:

    You rock Mr.Dooley. Thanks for replying to my post learning how to blog. Lots of Dogs here in McKinney and Allen. Looking forward to the growth of our new pet sitting business.

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