Dog Walking

Dog Walking with Canoodle Pet Sitters is offered in McKinney and Prosper,TX. Experienced Handlers provide safe and reliable walking in your neighborhood. 

 You will trust our dog walkers to protect your dogs, love them and safely walk them. Put them back inside and leave them happy! Daily Dog Walking with Maci

Our daily dog walking starts with your schedule and your dogs or puppies needs.

If you work long hours and your dog needs a break in the day or just a brisk walk in your neighborhood, we are here to help. These are scheduled 30 minute visits.
Texas summers can be brutal and while we do not offer long walks unless the weather permits we are happy to come and take your dog on a short walk or outside play time.

* 30 minute walks are provided weather permitting. On hot days,a short walk in a safe shaded area and loves and attention and a treat is sufficient to keep your pooch happy and healthy
Being happy, content, submissive and healthy.
Our clients can’t say enough about how pleased they are with the services we provide.
And the dogs are the proof!

Check out our rates and decide what your dog needs are and your budget.
Give us a call and we do the rest. 
Daily Dog Walks and visits or let out are Monday- Friday 10:00-2:00                                                                                   
If you need a visit on the week end please note you are charged a pet sitting rate.
Large Breeds or Small we walk ALL! (But only neighborhood walks) Here in Texas

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Air Temps: 77* = Surface 125*
Air Temps: 86* = Surface 135*
Air Temps: 87* = Surface 143*
Keep in mind skin destruction can take place in 60 seconds at temperature of 125*F
And you can fry an egg at 131*F in 5 min
Dogs can easily become dehydrated/overheated in a short amount of time with hot temps and humidity.
As much as we would love to do the longer walks our service hours for daily walking in which benefit our clients schedules are after morning pet sits and before evening pet sits during the hours of 10:00-2:00 and often these hours are not ideal for walking your dogs and certainly not safe for them!

**Information obtained Data source Berrens American Medical Association 214(11)2025/2027.

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