Cat Sitting

Canoodle Pet Sitters provide Cat Sitting Services in McKinney, Prosper and North Allen TX. Our Cat Sitters keep your kitties happy with stimulating play,combing,and love.

“Canoodle” cat sitters are very experienced. Happy cats means happy clients!
See what our clients say. Reviews Becker kitty playing with his ball Cat Sitting McKinney,Texas

We are there when you need us. To feed, play, clean, comb, change-clean litter, and make sure they get the special love and attention they deserve while you are away.
Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your unique situations! Kitties are all different and require special, personalized care.

That’s what we do at “Canoodle” Because we love cats!
Most kitty care requires only one visit daily depending on your cat’s needs.
We suggest two visits daily if you have kittens, (they are curious), Medications (required more than once a day) or you feed soft foods only and your cats eat until it’s gone).
We require at least one visit every 24 hours please see rates.

Pet sitting services for Cats
We come to your home to care for your kitty cats that means NO STRESS and NO COMMUTING
• Daily visits
Playtime for Kitties
When you are traveling we provide much stimulating play such as teaser toys, laser play or balls.
Benefits of Keeping your Cats Home
Keeping your cat’s home is affordable and sensible. At home cat care:
1. No commuting (save yourself and your kitty the stress!)
2. Your home is comfy and safe
3. Germ and parasite free
4. Normal routines with meals and sleep
5. Loving cat sitters come in scoop the box
6. Fresh water and food daily
7. Combing and brushing, love, scratches and petting
8. Lots of play time and stimulating play
9. Kitties are happy and healthy when you arrive home and waiting

Boarding your cats
1. You have to crate and drive
2. Confinement and loneliness
3. Possible contamination from others
4. Strict feeding guidelines and less rest
5. No privacy and box same location
6. Water in the central location of box and
7. Individual care not always available
8. Other cats and pets needing tended to
9. You have to pick up after you arrive home and sometimes charged another day
Diabetic or Special needs
We happily provide specialized care for diabetic kitties. We have administered insulin to our special need friends and other types of meds including thyroid creams and pills. We know this type of care is bothersome for owners to leave not knowing their kitties will get the meds they deserve. With “Canoodle” no need to worry we make sure our special needs clients always get medications on time.