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Dog WalkerHello McKinney Texas dog owners. Fall is arriving cooler temps outside. Time go give our family friends some needed exercise and make them happy pooches!

If you walk long hours and maybe just do not have time due to work and family we can help! We offer daily dog walking in your neighborhood and come in a routine manner to provide our clients pets with the best of a professional dog walking company.

Fully insured Experienced Daily Dog Walkers in McKinney Texas.

Call us today and see how we do it. (214) 592-8084

Lets get those Doggies out and about McKinney its Fall 2016!

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Sick Puppy Motivates Entrepreneur To Start Her Own Pet Sitting Business

This awesome article was written and I didn’t even know!!!! Sharing with followers!

In 2006, Melissa McGinty became a professional pet sitter. Owning a business isn’t easy, but she was prepared for the challenge. Her family’s new puppy, Boomer, was all the motivation she needed. Boomer was very ill and needed constant reliable care. McGinty didn’t want to leave him with just anyone, and the pet sitters in her area were all so expensive. She decided to take matters into her own hands and start Canoodle Professional Pet Sitting.     


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New Puppy Now What?

Over the Christmas Holidays many people bring a new puppy into the family.

Vacations end, School starts back up and work follows. New Puppy McKinney

Now your new puppy is home, by himself and the guilt begins.

“You’re new precious puppy all alone, in a crate, for extended periods of time!

Hiring a professional pet sitter to come check on your new puppy, feed your new puppy and take care of your new puppy is the best alternative.

Canoodle Professional Pet Sitters come once or twice daily while you are away providing love and attention, potty breaks and basic dog training. Call us today and let us show you how to help your new puppy get off to the best start in his little life, keeping him safe and sound while you are away.

Call us 214-856-3699 See our Rates for your puppy care professionals.


Do You Need A Cat Sitter?

Canoodle Professional Pet SittingIf you are traveling for the holidays and you are a cat owner… You need a Cat Sitter!

Hiring a Professional Loving Cat Sitter to care for you kitties while you are away is a perfect way to keep you cats safe, and stress free.

Owners enjoy vacations knowing their cats are being looked after, food and water are replenished and litter boxes are kept tidy.

Cats are provided loving attention stimulating play and talked to daily.

Hiring a fully insured experienced professional pet sitter gives you peace of mind and your kitties will be happy!

Call us at Canoodle Professional Pet Sitting and let us show you how great at home pet care can be. 214-856-3699

McKinney Texas Holiday Pet Sitting.. Schedule Now!

Holiday Pet Sitting CanoodlePlanning a trip for Thanksgiving or Christmas? Don’t forget to make arrangements for your pets!

Now is the time. Waiting until the last minute can cause you to make poor decisions and force you into a situation that you will not enjoy your family holidays knowing your pets might not be properly cared for!

Many people wait too long.

Professional Pet Sitters have a max on how many rounds they can do a day and still provide the best of care for pet clients.

Many times people forget about this they are calling the week of the Holiday and we have to say Sorry we just cant take a additional sit. And at that point we cant refer out either because everyone is booked.

Take a minute to think about it

Interview several pet sitting companies and book

For Canoodle we do require payment ahead of time it is a first come first serve and we do require a meet and greet and papers to be filled out prior to service. We want to meet your pet family and you too.

Call us today to schedule your free in home consultation 214-856-3699

Why do you need a cat sitter?

Hello wanted to share a bit of information about why if you are traveling you should hire a cat sitter and not leave you kitties home with bowls of food and water! Big no no.Scaredy Cat Happy boy now!

With Canoodle pet sitters we require a visit every 24 hours this is why….

Cats are curious by nature you cats will roam why you are away looking for you and possibly getting into things they shouldn’t!

Plants, knocking over objects that could possibly break and they could cut themselves, prescription bottles with dangerous medications they could eat,

sometimes they do not eat or drink due to stress which can cause issues with kidney or uti’s they can get stuck in rooms or objects for days.

Hiring a loving pet sitter to check on you kitties give them fresh food and water treats and scoop the box is the best care for your kitty family!~

Let us show you the Best of Loving Kitty Care with Canoodle Professional Pet Sitting

Canoodle Professional Pet Sitting Featured on the Five on Three

We are so pleased Canoodle Professional Pet Sitting Featured Segment on Five on Three of the star local media in McKinney and Allen Texas.

Professional Pet Sitters in McKinney and Allen Texas

Canoodle Pet Professional Pet Sitting Melissa McGinty

Vacation Pet Sitting Services McKinney,TX

slider dogVacation Pet Care Services| Canoodle Professional Pet Sitting McKinney, Texas
For most professional pet sitting businesses the month of August is extremely busy. Families going on trips before the school year starts back and families relocating. Let Canoodle Pet Sitters help you! No need to worry about your pets while you travel having a professional pet sitter come into your home and care for your pets gives you a stress free no worrying time away.

Go and enjoy your summer vacation and know that with Canoodle Professional Pet Sitting your loving pets are in great hands!

Vacation Pet Sitting Services offered in McKinney, Texas 75070 and Allen, Texas 75013 including Craig Ranch community,Stone Bridge Community,and Star Creek.



Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem This is Amazing and is not suppose to happen again until 2023. Beautiful evening here in McKinney and Allen Texas. Canoodle Professional Pet Sitting out walking dogs! How cool! Look at these great pics I got just out front. 06/30/2015 9:25

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Moving to McKinney Texas From Littleton, Colorado

After owning and operating a Professional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking business for 9 years in Littleton the move to Texas was exciting and scary and thrilling and overwhelming! Now we are situated and ready to get busy taking care of dogs and cats in McKinney and Allen Texas.

Leaving my pet sitting clients and pets behind was terrifying! Happy, my helper Sue was able to take over and she is carrying on the high standards we implemented from day one. All About Dogs Walking is growing and she loves it. So happy for her!

Oh my  Texas is not the same as it was when I was growing up. It is BIGGER and more populated then I could ever imagine. Coming from small communities even the small country towns are busy busy!

Lots of Doggies and lots of places to walk dogs in McKinney and Allen Lovin it!