About Us

Hello… a  little info about us Michelle Seyl Owner and experienced Handler of Canoodle Professional Pet Sitting located in McKinney, Texas. Experience  you can trust.

Canoodle Michelle

With “Canoodle” Professional Pet Sitting we are trained professionals with credentials.This is our profession.

I became a professional pet sitter fulfilling my dream of working with animals.

So many families have at least one pet most two. What do they do with their family friends when they go out of town on vacation or business? Or go to work with a sick pet at home (feel guilty)!I know as a pet owner myself I have been forced to cancel trips, taking them with me was not always practical or too expensive.

  • Becoming a Professional pet sitter I have learned. Keeping them at home in their own surroundings and safe and germ free is the best! You are truly a great pet owner by doing this for your loved ones! (No guilt)
    You are simply hiring the best for your pets and we want you to know that!
    Your Pets deserve the very BEST care!
    Business Philosophy
    Our most important priority is… the pets we care for at all times.. That has been our focus from the start of opening our services. Prompt, Reliable, and Professional at all times.
    • Michelle is registered with the state of Texas and Collin County
    • All handlers are criminal back ground checked
    • Certified in Dog and Cat First Aid and CPR
    • Member of PUPS
    • Experience with numerous domesticated house pets.
  • • Member of Association of Pet Sitters Associates

    We are here for clients and the pets that are so important to them.
    Our goal is to develop a long term, loving relationship with our clients and our clients loving pets, one that is, respectful and caring… for the purpose of why we are here. “Canoodle Professional Pet Sitting” is here for you.
    As our business grows and expands thanks to so many fantastic people relying on our loving care. We strive every day to be better and more knowledgeable then the day before.

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